Smart animation programs

Phase-functioned neural network is very smart and very fast animation program for human-models. It automatically adapts to walking and running over rough terrain, climbing over large rocks, jumping over obstacles, and crouching under low ceilings. video:



This video proves that Bongo is obsolete. We need new animation plugin.

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Hi Luc, thank you for the link. :slight_smile:

The video proves that there are heaps and heaps of application, add-ons, plugins, … in the field of computer graphics and animation. Enough to fill an entire exhibition and conference hall. I’m afraid that, if you like to animate a bunch of hair-waving creatures pursuing an octopus on a water-washed sandy beach, you’ll have to look beyond Rhino/Bongo. Maybe take a trip to L.A (


good example of advanced computer animation:

It’s a bit blunt (and I feel even disrespectful) to grant the credits for this really magnificent piece of art solely to the computer. Surely Matt Pyke (the maker of this beauty) must have paid a visit the Siggraph convention (mentioned above) but he is mainly a very talented, creative, inspired, versatile and surely hardworking all-round artist.

In his video “Life Cycle” ( he uses techniques not more advanced than what Rhino, Bongo and Brazil can handle :slight_smile:.
On 3:40 min of (an interesting docu on Matt Pyke and his Universal Everything studio) you can see how he still starts off working with a plain pencil. Thought-provoking, isn’t it.
Lots of video of the TheCreatorsProject ( show that creativity and hard labor transcend (computer-)technique.

Thanks for sharing, Andrew. The video is really exceptional.

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Blackboards were invented in India in the early 11th century. (source: They should be burned because they are obsolete. Computer animations are the best way to describe all ideas. They are not used in education because teacher’s unions hate computer animations. Some ideas can be described by computer animations only. For example, the Matt Pyke video cannot be described by words.

codimensional non newtonian fluids:
viscous smoothed-particle hydrodynamics:

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i like the second video very much its very realistic.

fractal computer animation of a thunderstorm:

if you check once more you may find out that its not an animation.

3D simulations:

Yep. Books too. Maybe some people as well.

DeepLoco algorithm learns to walk, to kick ball, and to avoids collisions:

cloth algorithm:

complex cutting of deformables:

frictional contact of cloth and hair:

I actually painted one of my office room walls with blackboard paint. I like to write and draw out my thoughts and algorithms while working on RhinoCycles ^.^

Oh, and I painted one wall of our lounge with the same paint, because.

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You can use free MyPaint program as the blackboard. I write new ideas in plain text files. I do not make sketches because my prefrontal cortex can easily visualize 2D and 3D objects.

I could, but that lacks the physical aspect that using blackboard entails, just like writing by hand feels more powerful than typing. More brain cells are used. And combined with standing better blood flow, thus more energy and oxygen for the gray matter.

2017, still witch hunting.

is this the artist in you talking? :smiley: Johannes Itten practiced this almost 100 years ago methodically at Bauhaus in teaching his students the purpose of bringing the movement of the body and the idea of the mind together. yes having a healthily maintained body is just what the doctor ordered no objection on that for now :blush:

it is though disputable i guess if this healthy body comes from a physical form of communication which might be actually waisting physical expensive resources which are sold cheap with workers on one end waisting/risking their own health instead of using economical, and ecological resources which produce no waist other than a chemical reaction in our brain and a few oxygen molecules metabolised through the movements of our arms.

even though this might be possible to some extent, what do you need rhino for at all? hopefully not to create anything physical? that to would be in any matter a waist of resources.