Smart animation programs


OptiTrack + Maya:

visual effects in Attraction movie:

bullfight sequence in Baahubali movie:

Snappers animation studio made facial rig for Maya and Unreal Engine:


gravitational tides:
exploding igloos:
collapsing bridges:
jumping robot:


Are you for real? What’s next? Burning books and non-compliant citizens, huh? Please describe Kant’s categoric imperative or Virginia Woolf’s stream of consciousness by way of an animation, and more effectively so. Good luck with that.


i could not help but thinking about this song. even though i like the version from the buggles very much, due to respect for this matter the original version.


You can export Rhino models in OBJ, STL, or FBX format to Blender and animate the models in Blender. Blender is free. Example of Blender animation:

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #27

Also a great example of the power of the Cycles engine used in the Rhino 6 Raytraced viewport mode :slight_smile:


Unreal Engine 4 makes very realistic face animations:


skeletal animation algorithm for running animals:

skeletal animation algorithm for humans (main video):

skeletal animation algorithm for humans (supplementary video):

neural networks for quadruped (dog) motion:

animation of clothing:

animation of cloth, knit and hair:

simulating liquid-hair interactions: