Wish List for Bongo 3

Is there a Bongo 3 wish list that is open to the public to see anywhere? I searched for one and it didn’t come up. If not, can you tell me if it is on the list, or even possible, for the developers to consider some basic physics simulations for Bongo 3? Things like, gravity for a bouncing ball, wind blowing trees, objects colliding with one another and deflecting (without having to hand place all the movements and keyframes, aka faking it). Things like this would be really useful for Architectural animations. Also, adding Depth Of Field Camera focus abilities to Rhino itself would be terrific, that way Bongo could animate a camera change in focus and the plugins should be able to as well that support the RDK. Am I dreaming, or is any of this even possible and on the radar?


Just bumping this post up. Can any of the Bongo Development read and comment please. Thank you.

@andy and @marika_almgren will know

I apologize, didn’t notice this one until now.

Unfortunately there’s no public wishlist, we only have an internal one.

Being able to animate basic physics is on the list and will be one of the main new features.

I’ll add your DoF request to the wishlist.

Marika, you just made my day! That is terrific news.

I have no idea how all the programming works with Bongo and Rhino, but I’d really like to request that the programming for the physics and DOF animation is done in a way so that a render engine that uses Rhino’s RDK can take advantage of these new features. The only reason that I bring that up, is because, I’m using Octane Render which uses Rhino’s RDK, and it can render 99% of what Bongo is capable of, which is awesome. I’m very happy with the pairing of Bongo and Octane. The developer of Octane for Rhino told me that to do DOF animation rendering in Octane with Bongo, that the DOF parameters had to be available within the actual Rhino Camera itself for Octane to be able to take advantage of it as opposed to it being a Bongo Only effect. I hope this makes sense, and I hope this is a reasonable request, I don’t know what’s involved with codding.

Thank you again,

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Hi - please, please can we have animation exported to .fbx MotionBuilder?

If anyone needs to go into Unity for VR work or games we’re hosed…

Fbx, import and export has been requested and is already on the wishlist. I added a +1 more to it.

Hello Marika,
I would also love to see more options for octane, especially camera motion blur…
I know that Paul ( …he does the rhino plug in for octane. …) already managed to add MB for the basic rhino animation tool , so I would guess it should also be possible for bongo?


Support for Motion Blur can already be added by the renderer, for exmple Brazil for Rhino has it.
You chould ask the Octaine -team to add it.

Ok , thank you Marika … I will :slight_smile:

Hi Vcube,

Paul and I have had some discussions regarding this. In order for Paul to add Motion Blur within Octane, the Rhino Camera itself must have DOF controls, which it currently does not have. In addition, Octane materials are also NOT cable at the moment of being animated. So, for any material animations, color, light, displacement, we’ll have to use Rhino materials for those features.

However, Paul’s latest build has an ORBX/OCS export which will export all information (bongo animation, etc) to the Octane Stand Alone where you can add in the camera and object motion blur. I too, wish this could be done directly in Octane for Rhino, but at the moment it doesn’t seem possible until Rhino gets some more controls.

Overall, I’ve been really happy with how well Rhino, Bongo, and Octane have worked together, but there are a few items that Octane can’t currently pick up.


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Hello Ryan

Yes, I know, I already tested it, it worked with simple test scenes but failed for more complex scenes somehow…

I personally do not care too much about material animation capabilities but would love to “stay” within Rhino when doing animations…

Yes - this is definitely a very great combo, I only miss camera MB :wink:



Hi Marika, All,

We like the idea of starting some animation work in Rhino, using Bongo, but only if I know that as I refine the work I can take that file to either Keyshot (most of the designers) or Modo (the geekier ones of us).

Both Keyshot and Modo take in fbx animation data, so having this in Bongo (along with bulletproof stability) it would definitely win us over.


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FBX animation data would be awesome,…

Agreed, FBX would be great.

Can we also add to the list, if it’s not already on there:

  1. Animation capabilities to extrusions (so you could show a shape growing over a specified amount of time/keyframes)
  2. Animation capabilities to rails (for example a circle growing around a helix or a knot being tied)
  3. Animation capabilities to lofts


Hi, just bumping this up. Would it be possible to add the above requests to the Bongo 3 wish list? Thank you!


Thank you Marika!

I have been doing flythrus by animating the camera. I prefer the way animating a camera works. I wish that the target point could be animated separate from the eye point. I would like for the target point to follow a path. Creates very smooth animations.

The FBX import would rock too.

I would also appreciate FBX import (of iClone)