Dimension text lost

On a fairly busy model, I can no longer see the dimension values and leader attributes. The dimension lines and leader arrows are all there. The Object Properties panel shows all the right values and text settings, sizes are as intended.
I have tried closing the file and quitting Rhino, changing the settings forward and back including the default setting, hiding and showing a leader, moving it back and forth, all to no avail.
Can someone at McNeel help please. I do not want to publish the file, but can send it by mail if required.


After a night 's sleep (and shutting down and restarting the Mac) the problem seems to have solved itself :sweat_smile:

At this point just for the record - was this on the WIP or Rhino 5?

Rhino 5.4.2.

I have no intention to go to Rhino6 (cash outlay vs. advantages for my hobby), so I have stopped upgrading.:slightly_smiling_face: