Dimension Tab missing


I have just installed the latest update and imported a .stp file.

When I dimensioned a drawing i tried to change the height but this was all that was in the dimension tab ?

Is this something to do with the update or is this normal for step files as I have not imported one before ?

And how can I change the text height if this is normal ?

Many thanks


Try clicking on the little grey dot on the right and dragging it to the left. It is weird though that the settings window shows like this, in mine I can alter the width of the column with the grey dot as mentioned, but the input fields remain visible all the time.


I had this issue as well but it seems to have resolved it’s self. Might have fixed it’s self when I restarted the machine. I’m not sure. It wasn’t working yesterday and when I checked this morning it was.


Turns out i needed to restart after the update and it works fine.