Small Bug: Text Tag 3D don't get highlighted if they have a color applied

Small bug I just found:

If you use the Text Tag 3D and give your tags a color then if you select the component in Grasshopper the numbers don’t get highlighted in green like all the other display components like custom preview, etc. If you disconnect the color then if you select the component the text get’s highlighted correctly. (17.3 KB)

Other small things that keep bugging me:

  1. Can’t move multiple scribbles
  2. Scribbles don’t move in a multiselection at certain zoom levels
  3. In fact scribbles are really clunky, but necessary for clarity
  4. If I make a group inside an existing group that group is always behind the larger group, thus inaccessible. - grouping is also one of those necessary evils. Much rather would have regions with auto-grouping, that can have a title and description

I agree with you. #4 on your list (new group behind old group) is a constant annoyance.

Here are a few more things that drive me nuts every single day:

  • The GH canvas doesn’t get primary focus when using ‘ALT-tab’ to change apps, from GIMP to Rhino/GH, for example. Any Rhino panels get priority, covering parts of the GH canvas, and clicking on the GH canvas doesn’t give it focus!? One must click on the GH window title to send the Rhino the background.
  • Rhino and GH are very poor at remembering window sizes. Every time I open Rhino, I have to carefully drag edges to use the full screen again. And every time I open a new GH model, the GH window shifts slightly to the left and gets shorter!?


This is just unbe— … no, charming! :wink:


// Rolf

While this may not be your ideal solution, you can always click on the “larger/container” group and hit ctrl + B (send to back). This will allow you to select the “interior” groups. With that said, you may have to do that again, if you add an additional “interior group”.
(Send to back is found under Edit->Arrange)

That work-around is a routine part of the process, tried and true. I use it every time, along with muttering a little curse - for ~5+ years… :man_facepalming:

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that Image Mapper loses the image when saving a modified GH script that was created by someone else. Meaning always when changing models written by others on this forum.

P.S. One more grievance to add to the list: Data Dam leaks and passes data once when a GH file is opened!

I changed it now so that when you create a new group which doesn’t contain other groups it is created in front, but any group which does contain other groups is still inserted at the back of the stack.

This still leads to unsolved in-between situations where you create a new group which contains an existing group A which is already a sub-group of B. The new group is now behind B which may still cause picking issues.

Logged under RH-53921.

What is the reason for that? I would always expect a new Group to be placed on top.

// Rolf

If the new group contains an existing group then it’s always bigger than that existing group and thus should not be in front as it is guaranteed to occlude that existing group. This is the reason why groups user to always be inserted at the back of the stack, as I thought it was more likely that a group contains another group as opposed to some object being part of two unrelated groups.

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OK, if the group selection contains an existing group it makes sense, I somehow missed that we were not only talking about components.

// Rolf

Thanks @DavidRutten, I think that will improve the workflow in the standard cases. I know there are still edge cases that are difficult.

What would also make it easier to decide wether or not to bring a group to front or send to back would be that when I select a bunch of components, press ctrl-G to group that the group is then added to the selection. That way I can just press ctrl-F after and its at the front. The main problem is that it is not selected so now I somehow have to select the group that is behind the existing group, which means I always have to draw the selection from outside the larger group. Since in some direction you select exclusively and in the other inclusively, it can get real tricky to select the group again. So if it was selected right after creation I would have a chance to decide what to do with it without needing to select it again.

Thanks for fixing even those simingly small things.