Can I post Grasshopper interface wish list?

I’m very new to GH (read days) but there are a couple of things that have cropped up which I think could improve functionality. When hiding wires you can only select things going backwards through the calculation, not forwards?

Take this screen grab below: I can only disconnect from left to right but I can hide wires from right to left - this means that I’d have to follow all these wires and hide each on individually. I’m sure it has something to do with limiting errors but when you’re sure that all wires lead to a specific point it would be handy.

Grouping by colour:

Each time something is grouped it uses the base colour and not the last used, this becomes labour intensive if you want to work with specific groups and groups within groups.

Grouping and alignment:

The alignment tool is great, it’s a shame that it doesn’t work for grouped objects. When selecting two groups of objects it will treat them all as individual items.

Locking groups:

When the page becomes busy and you’ve been at it a few hours it’s easy to be clumsy. It would be really great if groups could be locked so that the icons don’t move. Rather than double clicking changing the grouping by box or meta ball there could be a lock function that displays an icon in one corner (maybe similar to the reverse, flatten or graft icon).

Applying a command to multiple objects:

As an example, when changing the colour of a group it has to be done individually… If you select several groups and change the colour it only applies it to the last selected and not all.

I’ve been lost in a Grasshopper bubble for the past few days - it’s amazing. Can’t quite believe I left it so long!



Sorry - I didn’t realise that PaperCuts was linked to Serengeti… until I posted.

You can certainly post anything Grasshopper-related here as well as on (Grasshopper for Mac is typically only done here on discourse). However Grasshopper1 is in feature lock-down so it’s unlikely we’ll be adding anything new to it. Obviously Grasshopper2 will resemble GH1 in many ways, even though it is a complete rewrite. Some requests are already scheduled, others no longer make sense due to differences between the two versions, others still I’ve rejected as being either too specific, bad ideas, or too difficult for now.

Aligning groups and assigning properties to selection sets are good ideas that I plan to add at some point.

Thanks for the reply David,

As I’m approaching it with a new set of eyes I’m no doubt going to repeat a number of requests, it would be handy to have a GH2 wish list where we could look, but I guess I should learn how to use this one first!

Mostly it’s interface… This is probably due to my Heath Robinson approach to getting stuck in, things can be condensed and refined over time but at the moment this thing I’m working on is the size of a soccer pitch.

Longing for a marching ants visual or a scaled colouration of the wires to help see what’s plugged in to what, the green wire fades away to grey by the time I zoom out and follow it to the destination.



still need this… the “fade out” of wires makes it hard to see where they are coming from

Yes I have this issue too. Especially when working with long and heavy scripts written but others. I always have to follow the wires painstakingly and search where the outputs and inputs are.

If only there was a shortcut to “jump” to the input that would be nice. If it is a multiple input then a window can pop up to help you navigate.