(small Bug) revolve - Start-Angle and Full Circle

with the options start-angle and full-circle, start angle does not have any effect.
this is not intuitive - nor is it what a user would expect.

to repeat
use any curve
define axis
Enter Start-Angle 45
choose FullCircle
… start angle will not have any effect.

without start angle - full circle should result in 0…360
with start angle - full circle should result in (for example) 45…405

this is important if you want to control the Surface-Seam of a 360-degree revolve

kind regards -tom

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Hi Tom, thanks, I’ll check this.
RH-75063 Revolve: Start angle and FullCircle

did you understand my question / wish / issue / report above ?
do you need more info ?

thanks - kind regards - tom