Revolving issue with accuracy and position

This model has an object that was created and mirrored so as to be true on either side. Call it the groove. I duplicate one its edges and then revolve the curve to meet up with the other side of the groove. I expect the revolved object to match up with either side of the groove but it doesn’t. It doesn’t even seem to match up with the profile of the curve made from the edge of the groove. Model is attached with some shots as well. I don’t know where my methods are failing in this (288.0 KB)

Hi James - please check the command prompts in Revolve for a start angle already set to something other than zero and change to zero - any better?


I caught that issue last time thanks to you. There’s no initial angle entered and the revolve comes out to 340*

Did I lose yo on this one?

How about an end angle?


dont understand the q.

Hi James - is there a number already entered in the dialog for revolution angle?


Sorry, the start angle is 360 and then it finishes at 340. I used a snap for each corner of the groove. Tried it again entering 0 in the box and one of the seams looks good, the other however still misfits

Try clicking the Full Circle button

I get a clean bowl shape. I wonder if there’s a tool to check the symmetry of an object. Perhaps there’s some discrepancy from side to side of the groove object.

Further work. Remade groove object to make certain it is symmetrical. Then used blend surface to put together connecting segments. It looks clean but when I go to join the surfaces I get what you can see in the command line record.

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I attached the latest version of the model. (1.0 MB)