Simple revolve

I am having a hard time with just a simple revolve. I want that red curve to go around the circles. So it would be like a vase open on both ends. The curve is closed if that makes a difference.

Hello - the Revolve command should do it, assuming all of the circles’ centers are on the same XY coordinates. If you’ve tried that, what went wrong?


I am pretty sure it is all on center. I think I am having a hard time understand the correct steps. Let me see if I can email you the file.

I keep getting this

Hello - the revolve axis must be exactly vertical - you’ll need to either hit Enter to force a vertical-to-the-CPlane axis once the first end of the axis has been established, or set the second point of the axis in an elevation view, with Ortho to align exactly to the vertical.
Any luck?


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got it thanks!

As long as your defining circles are centered on the same Z axis all should work fine. I see what you’re after from the model you show, so I did a three minute version of my own and stuck a couple of Flamingo plants in it for grins! Cheers, rob