Sluggish in layout shaded mode. How to optimize for performance?

I noticed that even on this beast of a laptop (i7 8th gen 8750h with 1070gtx intel uhd graphics 630), when Im dimensioning a layout with a view that has view setting to shaded, it’s slow and delayed, and when I change it to wireframe, it’s fast. Are my settings off? Im not working on a huge file so it shouldnt be so clunky? Maybe I need to change the settings somewhere outside of rhino? Or in rhino? Ideas to make it run smoother in shaded views?

I think this may be the bug item for this:
It has to do with details in layouts being redrawn more than they should be when editing dimensions.

Your link doesnt work.

The link isn’t publicly available yet.
That’s why I paraphrased the detail.
The point is we are aware of it, it’s on the developer’s list, and I added your comments to the bug.


Thanks John. Anything I can do to make it tolerable in the meantime? Any settings I can optimize? As it is, it just makes working in layout frustrating, especially when I spend hours a day noting and dimensioning plans/elevations/sections in layout, and can’t always use wireframe view mode when it comes to models with more detail.

The only think I can think of is to manage your Details by layer.
If you changed the layer that a Detail was on to a layer that was turned off, Rhino would quit trying to update it with every little change.
Not very elegant but until the developers can figure out a cleaner way to ignore them when needed, I’m not thinking of anything else.

Ok thanks John. Im already turning off a layer of a larger piece so Im sure that helps. I’ll try offing some other layers and see if that does anything.

Maybe someone else has other ideas optimizing for performance?

Steve opened up the item for view by All Users earlier this afternoon.
As you’ll see there isn’t a lot of detail but I think everything needed is there.

Hope the next update resolves this. :pray:

Sorry, that isn’t likely. The next SR10 quit getting changes when SR9 was released. It needs that month for stability. Changes are going into SR11 and the item isn’t yet under development. It’s status will go from Open, to Next Up, to In Progress, to Needs Testing. They have to come up with a strategy to speed it up that doesn’t break other things. None of that is quick or easy and generally touches many other seemingly unrelated systems. You can track the progress in that link.