Very sluggish slow when dealing with clipping plane layouts....seriously!?

Using Rhino 6 on a fast computer (AMD ryzen 2920x 12 core, 64gb ram, ge force rtx 2090TI) and whenever I create views (top/plan, section front/sides/, etc) and make them clipping planes with shaded mode, everything goes to a crawl. Zooming out/in is delayed by 1/2 to 1 second per zoom scroll. Panning is choppy and delayed.

This is unacceptable and Im on the verge of testing other software that doesn’t have this issue. My job requires me to make models and then generate plans from the models quickly and efficiently. But rhino is so incredibly slow it impedes my work flow to an unacceptable degree.

And no, I don’t want to create section lines as Im often asked to change the model and don’t want to have to redo all the linework. This is not a viable workflow.

Can you tell me what settings/etc I need to set to make my system run smoother?

I feel like I’ve had this problem for years with rhino and still no solution!

Is anyone using other software for creating their working drawings from the models made in RHino?

Come on!!

Hi Peter - I would look at SectionTools, for one thing, if you have not -

But well, I just made a quick test with 4000 solids and 24,000 curves and a clipping plane - view navigation seems pretty good in a shaded detail. So - are your projects very complex?


Thanks Pascal. I’ve looked into it before but it doesn’t solve the problem. WHen I do a section, I often need the background of the model to show as well, so that brings me right back to the original problem.

But I think I may have a potential solution that can be implemented in a update:

What if …when you create a layout with multiple shaded clipping plane section detail windows, the software takes a snapshot of the view for you and you work off that… this snapshot would be linked to the original model and you could click an update icon on the snapshot in case you did any work to the model. That way the view is not relying on processing from the actual model itself, it only pings it when you want to get an update from the model. As long as I could still make dimensions off this snapshot, this would be a beautiful solution for making the workflow 100x faster/more efficient. What do you think?