Slow initial model load on newer V2 versions

Hi all.

I have recently uploaded another model to my library, which is generally very similar to my previous ones, however the new one only loads quick on viewers 2.15 and below. It takes around 3-5s on the initial load, which is similar to my previous models, however the previous models runs on v2.40. If I change the new model to v2.40, the initial load takes around 20s. I had a look at the release notes of the viewers, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint what might be causing this. Looking at the performance tab in the devtools it looks like the frame is just idling, but all the scripting tasks take so much longer. Is there anything specific that comes to your mind that I should be looking into?


Please share a link to the model so we can help track the issue.

Hi Mathieu,

This is the link to the model on ShapeDiver

The issue however happens when the model is connected to our custom UI, which is not live anywhere yet, so the issue is currently only visible on my local machine.

Let me know if the above link is not sufficient to check why the load is so slow in version v2.40.

If the issue does not happen on the ShapeDiver platform, then this is an issue with your website’s implementation. Therefore we would also need access to a page where you embed the model, both in the 2.15 and the 2.40 version.

Hi Mathieu, I am going to ask our website developer to post the two models using different versions on our website and let you know if the issue persists as I cannot replicate it today even though previously it was happening on 2 different days.

Hi Mathieu. That’s the link to the test page below, however the issue is not present on the website. Have you heard of similar problems that would be happening only in the local dev environment?

The viewer may be configured in debug mode locally, making it slower as it produces debug outputs.
If the problem persists locally, please test previous viewer version (2.39, 2.38, etc…) to help us identify in which version of the viewer the issue was introduced.
Note also that support for the version 2 of the viewer will end in June this year. Your developer can check our migration guide to switch to the future-proof version 3 in the meantime. Since your configurator does not involve complex interactions, the transition should be painless.

HI Mathieu, I am the developer for this project and I am learning everything on the go.

The issue kept happening on all versions between 2.17 and 2.40, however having checked it now it works fine, so not sure what the deal is - I will just need to monitor it.

I had a look at the migration guide in the past, but haven’t made a plan yet to transition the models to version 3.