Shapediver: Is embedding model with v2 viewer still possible?

Hello @shapediver team,

I just took over an older Shapediver project that I want to embed into another website using the v2 viewer. The whole application was already working, but my client didn’t want to make it public at that time. Now he wants it, but the geometry seems to work only in v2, in v3 only the loading screen is visible.

  • Why does the screen get stuck loading in v3 but not in v2?

  • When I press the subscribe button - is iframe embedding still possible with the old v2 version?

  • Where can I access the V2 front end, just for demonstration?

  • Why aren’t my lighting changes saved in the V2 configuration screen?

My Shapediver username is Moewe

Thanks for your help!

Please provide the link to an example model and describe the context. What do you mean by it gets stuck in v3? On the ShapeDiver platform? And v2 is in your application?

Embedding using the version 2 of the viewer is still possible and always will be, however maintenance and patching of the version 2 will end at the end of 2022.

In the Edit page of your models, you will find a V2 button which allows you to see your model in the version 2 of the viewer, as well as edit and save settings using this version.

The migration guide might be helpful: Migration Guide

Thanks for the migration link! I have to take a deep dive into this.

Application-Link: ShapeDiver

The Shapediver preview picture is there all the time., but not the geometry. The geometry displays with v2 immediately

The .gh file is now one year old. So I think it is an older version of Shapediver in gh.

Is there also still a viewer mode for v2? In edit mode I only find an edit view but not how it would look if it would be embedded. I hope you understand.

Thanks for your support!

I am not sure what you are missing from this view. The 3D canvas will look identical in your application. If you are embedding the model including the ShapeDiver UI controls (and not using the API to build your own), you can also just hide the viewer settings on the left and the iframe you get is exactly the same that you would in your application. Or am I missing something?