Models are not loading on chrome/edge browsers

My client has asked me to look into a large error that causes models to freeze or fail to load altogether on chrome and edge browsers, while looking fine on firefox. Here is one of their products, and they said it has happened with different models as well (click change options to open model). They are using Viewer v2; hopefully that isn’t the issue as I’m sure they would prefer not to have to switch to v3 immediately. Any insight would be appreciated.

I can reproduce the issue in Chrome, whereas in Firefox the model on the client’s website loads fine. However, I tested the same model directly in the ShapeDiver platform (and opened it in viewer 2 using the “V2” option in the edit page), and there Chrome loads the model without any issues. Hence the issue is likely in the API implementation of the client’s website.

In order to help further, please get in touch with the web developer in charge of the implementation. Ideally, they would help reproduce the issue on a minimal application which our team could help debug.

Please also note that support for the version 2 of the viewer will be discontinued on June 1st, 2024. We strongly recommend migrating to version 3. As far as I can see, the application of your client does not make use of any advanced features and it would therefore be straightforward to do this migration. Read more details about it here.

Thanks for your response, Mathieu. I’ve received some follow-up information from the client:

It seems like there is an issue with the shape diver, specifically with the V2 and the latest versions of Chrome and Edge browsers. I have tested our 13 models in both my Chrome and Edge browsers, and I noticed that they work perfectly fine in V3. However, sometimes they freeze in V2. It’s worth noting that this freezing can happen on any model at any time, and it’s not consistent. Sometimes the models work, and sometimes they don’t.

I have also tested our models in V2 on Firefox and have experienced no freezing.

From the web developer:

After a lot of digging the freezing seems to be related to the camera movement - so spinning or zooming the models is what triggers the freeze

And more clarification from the client:

for clarity I tested (exclusively) inside shape diver. Our shape diver library (13 models). This freezing has nothing to do with

I’m not sure what triggers the freeze. I don’t believe it’s the spinning or zooming. The model will either load properly or will load (frozen).

The client is aware of v2 being depreciated and they are planning to migrate in conjunction with adding new products to their catalog in the coming months. They are hoping a solution can be found for the current models in the meantime.

Hi Mathieu, my client has asked me to follow-up to see if you are able to provide any additional support on this issue? Thanks for your time.

We would need links to the ShapeDiver models on the ShapeDiver platform that show the issue. I tested several times with the model you linked above and I could not reproduce the issue on the platform, only in the client’s website. Ideally, they would provide a link to a model that freezes on the viewer v2 page of the ShapeDiver platform so our team can debug the issue.

Here is a link to a couple of models. They have stated that all of their models have issues on Chrome and Edge, likely related to the v2 viewer.

More info from the client:

To provide more context, I conducted my test(s) using the Shape Diver V2 editor in Windows 11 with three browsers: Chrome (V120.0.6099.130), Edge (V120.0.2210.91), and Firefox (version 121).

To verify the issue with Chrome and Edge, I ran a test where I tried to cycle through all 13 models in our library using the Shape Diver V2 editor. As a result, I found that it’s impossible to complete the cycle without at least one model freezing. During each test cycle, on average, three to four models froze. The freezing is unpredictable, so it’s hard to say which model will freeze first or how many models will freeze.

However, when I tried to repeat the test using Firefox, I didn’t experience any freezing issues.

Thank you for the detailed report. We could reproduce the issue with the models above. Our team is mainly off this week so we will have a deeper look at the issue on Monday next week. I will update this topic once we make progress.

@curtisdoesthings We have identified the issue, which is due to a bug in the latest release of Chromium. We have released a patch that should fix it for the ShapeDiver viewer. Ideally, your client would upgrade to the latest version (2.40.0). However, since they are currently using 2.19.4 we released a patch for this version as well. You can tell them to update to 2.19.5 and the freezing should stop happening.

Please also remind them that support for the version 2 will stop in June 2024 and it is strongly recommended that the upgrade to version 3.