Slow display meshing in v6

Hi forum, is anyone having trouble with slow meshing? It is in the the display . Slow meaning, I got tired of waiting. 3mb file, so wouldn’t think it would take too much time. It is also slow in V5. Thanks,Mark

Hi Mark - please saveSmall, Zip and post the file to, I’ll take a look.


Hi Pascal, good pre-spring to you.
I will try and get a file in to you on the weekend. I let it run until it meshed. It was around 2-3 minutes for a close to 1 gig. file. Thanks,Mark

I am experiencing very slow effects in RH6 in some cases with meshing, whether that is saving the file, exporting STL or switching from wireframe to shaded view.

Several minutes to export a 4mb STL. Half an hour or more to save a 2gb file! RH5 by comparison is a snap!

The file saving is especially frustrating.

Does RH6 handle meshes differently somehow?

Hello - We’ve heard more than one report of slow mesh file saving - at least to some formats - can you please tell me if a (small, but enough to see that it lags for stl) mesh saved to obj or ply is equally slow?



Hi Pascal,

They are still much more laggy than RH5, although with the same settings the file size is smaller with RH6 - approx half the size in some cases.

Happy to send you a part of the model if helpful to test with?

I find that when opening in wireframe RH6 responds very well, saves quickly even on enormous files, but once initiating render mesh the file / exports etc all become laggy.

Thought I might be in need of a new SSD!