Issue: opening Rhino 6 options cause mesh visibility and slow down


today I opened a large Rhino 5 file from my client. My first step was to try to open the Rhino properties. I have a button with the commands _DocumentPropertiesPage _Render. I pressed the button and in this moment some meshes are shown and Rhino 6 freezed for some time. After a while the properties UI popup, but Rhino is still not responsive, every click cause a waiting time of several seconds. After a few minutes I got my mesh settings edited and I leave the UI. Now, Rhino runs like expected again.

I ask me, why is the mesh shown and could it cause the slow down?



I wonder if what you are seeing is the same as what I reported a few days ago.

I have not tested the times of R5 and R6, but it’s to slow. :wink: