Help with a Slow Mesh

Hello. I am hoping one of you pros in here can take a look at my file and figure out why it is so slow to work with. When I got the file it was like 2GB and had a 31 million polygon count. I first started with ReduceMesh and managed to get it down to around 20M. Then I started to cut out the really dense areas to slowly get the file down to about 16M and about 400MB file size.

I have searched forums and the internet and have tried a bunch of things but nothing is helping. My computer is pretty beefy so it shouldn’t be from having a slow PC (i9-10900K, 32GB RAM, RTX 3090).
I tried cutting off a corner of the model and pasting it into another file and even that is slow to work with (1.7 million polygon count and 40MB file size).

I have been working on this for over a week and decided it is time to seek some advice from the pros. The following link is a shared OneDrive folder with the full model and the smaller size.
Slow Model Link

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I really appreciate all the help.

Hi Eric - the mesh I downloaded is a messy thing - Check reports a lot of less than ideal things - but it generally behaves OK so far.


Hi, thanks for the reply. Try a command like DeleteMesh faces or MeshSplit. It generally moves around just fine until you need to do any kind of edits to the mesh. Try moving around with one triangle selected to delete.