Slow deleting

I’m trying to clean up an old file, a rendering set with a bunch of imported stock meshes, trying to cut down the object count, and I’ve been waiting 1/2 an hour for a selection of about 800 meshes(not really very many polygons) to delete. What can possibly cause that?

Upon killing the process and reopening the file, looking at some other posts it seems to be from Groups. Ungroup all, it’s snappy again…well, to an extent, still running into obnoxious wait times.

Try using python but make sure the redraw is off.

Script it? It’s just regular deleting stuff. I don’t know if it’s due to some imported meshes, but it’s getting awfully aggravating, current file isn’t even very big and…I guess there are some grouped objects? It’s nuts.

Hi Jim - what does What say about the meshes? Any user data or anything other than grouping?


Ugh I don’t think anything beyond an assignment GUID for a material…the problem seems to be with grouped objects…but now I’ve got bigger problems with iRay materials corrupting or something and not being saved anymore…