Deleting objects taking forever

So I’ve just had the thing happen where I need to delete 10000 curves (though it sometimes doesn’t take very many objects at all) and it’s taken a half hour so far. If I kill the process and restart I’m sure it’ll work fine. Has a root cause ever been figured out for why this happens?

Hi Jim - please, if it is still going, run TaskManager and get a dump from the Rhino process:

When it is done it willtell you where the file is - in some temp folder - Zip that massive file up and send to Rhino - Upload to Support to my attention.


Hi Pascal,

Sorry I was trying to get to Task Manager(which was difficult for some reason?) when it crashed and the dump option was no longer available.

Durn. I do not know of this bug - if I knew, I’ve forgotten- I guess you see it from time to time but it is unpredictable, corerct? I’ll see if I can reproduce it. 10,000 is a bunch but not that big a bunch…


Yes it’s unpredictable…sometimes it could be 1 object that suddenly decides to take forever…I reopened the file and trying again it was fine.

Jim, do you have any non-standarf plug-ins? CAM for instance?


Just iRay and Bongo.

Hm - I guess I would try disabling those in Options > Plug-ins page and restart Rhino - if the problem is few and far bewtween it may be hard to test, especially if you need those plug-ins to work… but I guess I’d eliminate those first, as a cause, if we can.