Skylight direction

when I turn on the skylight in the render display mode, it seems the light is always only coming from one side.
that means one side of the model is always brighter than the opposite.

is there a way to get an even distribution of the skylight?

You might try a rectangle light above or to the side of your model. If you have Brazil try the light dome.

All my best … Danny

Hi brunnemar - if you want the default ‘over the shoulder’ light to go away completely you can add a spotlight someplace and turn it to zero intensity- if there is a light in the scene, Rhino will not use the default one. Otherwise, the direction depends upon the environment - lighting will come from the environment in Skylight, so if you have an image (hdr, say) for that, it will determine the light direction. Note you can also customize the lighting to a certain extent in the Rendered display mode settings - Options > View > Display modes > Rendered.

Are you using an environment? The library environments all have uneven distribution.