Rendering skylight has no options and burns out scene and sun has little choice

exploring Rendering and turn on sun, find that the sun by default is in my face, would prefer it over my shoulder.

alter to North East and North as 7.5deg and altitude 25deg.
The far side of my model is in darkness yet in reality it would be lit by the sky.

The video I am following which I can fit to lower half screen with rhino upper half,

has a calendar which I dont see.

I turn on skylight and the entire model is burnt out, there are no controls for skylight, its on or off. The shadows , whats left of them, are very granular as if sprinkled black sand, and no longer grey with soft edges. I see his does this and he applies colours to items, I do that, creating a dark grey with a hint of blue, it needs a little sheen to it to match real thing, I alter gloss from 0 to 7 and my colour on the model goes extremely light, so much so that its of no use, so I choose 95% and still its far too light, its no longer dark grey with a hint of blue. Any use of Gloss slider at all and the colour goes vastly different.

I am either faced with a dead matt object or …nothing, as any use of gloss slider totally changes the colour and is of no use, I just want a slight sheen as per shaded mode.

Why does this happen , surely glossing a colour shouldnt do this.

Also the light is a yellowy brown, no way of altering the colour temperature i.e. time of day from this strange sunrise colour. How do I remove this strange colour as its going to wreck any colour materials I am to apply.

Sun can be a soft sun or hard in reality, or we could have cloudy bright conditions which I would like, where are controls for cloudy bright ?


Hi Steve - skylight intensity is controlled by the environment - if there’s an environment set (and not, say a color or gradient) in the Environment panel and this is being used in the display mode, AND if the environment is using an HDR image, then you can control the intensity of the skylight via the multiplier on the environment HDR.

Note you can set the Sun to use manual control if that makes your life easier.


Hi, I was in manual for sun, and not wanting an image in the background.
Couldnt underastand why sun was pollution brown colour, …

I couldnt use gloss slider at all without totally losing my colour,

So do I need to apply some kind of background image so as to be able to use gloss slider, and is 1% a slight sheen or 99% ?

and will I retain the dark grey blue colour if so ?

see my workflow montage now added to post.

Guy in video didnt apply a background HDR and was ok, also where did he get those calendar and location sliders from ???
My file attached, I was trying to create a blued metal effect .
Testing rendering.3dm (118.4 KB)


Hi Steve- set the gloss color for the material to a darkish gray - 70 or so in the Val. channel, and gloss intensity to maybe 15%