Sketchup model - import into Rhino - best practice?



I have Sketchup Pro and a detailed architectual model that I need to bring into Rhino and then apply materials and render. (either in Vray or Keyshot) I have read about DWG but file is very slow - has anyone have a workflow suggestion?


Do you need to do something specific to the model in Rhino?

I go direct to Keyshot or Thea render from Sketchup…


Hi Phil,
I know what you mean, I can go direct from Sketchup to KS but I dont work in Sketchup and it might need a few tweaks. I work with Rhino only… So I guess I feel I would have far more control over the model if it was in Rhino…



You can directly import an SKP file into Rhino. Does that not work for you?