Rhino to sketchup

Really need a better interoperability to sketchup. Here in Brasil SKP is one of the most used software of 3d modelling… is really hard to share material with people that don’t use rhinoceros. Even tho it has some tricks for exporting from rhino to sketchup it still make the file super heavy in sketchup.

I would appreciate to have this interoperability made better maybe for a future rhinoceros 8 maybe?

Two options:

  1. It is always better to open Sketchup into Rhino. Rhino has excellent geometry transformation and import options.

  2. You can follow the work of Speckle to see if they will have a data exchange “connector” for Sketchup. It might be on their roadmap.

Note: as I understand the new Trimble Sketchup versions are no longer floating licenses, but rather fixed seat licenses. In Europe I know some offices are stopping with Sketchup completely and forcing the use of Rhino because it’s just so much better and also cheaper.

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Why don’t you ask Trimble why they don’t support the import of .3dm files? Why should the burden fall on McNeel? Trimble is almost as bad as Vectorworks at data back and forth. Just try importing a native .vsw file into anything.


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