Sketchup file(131mb) import slows Rhino.Everything Lags


I need some help.
I imported a file into rhino, from sketchup as a dwg, the file size after importing and saving is 131mb, even tho the original ketchup file is less than 25mb.After importing, I cant even orbit, It takes more than 5mins to take an input and more than 10mins to respond, after the import.
The file contents were converted to meshes upon import.

I tried backing saving the ketchup file, I use ketchup 2019, to a much older version to make it easier to import, skerchup file version 2010 or earlier.This time importing it straight into Rhino.I select trimmed surfaces, instead or meshes.
The file size after saving jumps to 6846mb!!!, not acceptable.

The file is very essential to my work.
I am currently using Rhino 6.25, 16gb ram with 4gb Nvidia gtx1050 graphics card.

Opening or importing any of these files takes at least 10-15mins.

For rhino(roof and Facade) new lower version.skp (17.9 MB) last show.skp (17.4 MB)

Yep, at least I am guessing this may be what is going on, SKP components are mapped to sometimes very deeply nested blocks in Rhino. It may clean things up a lot to get the meshes out and join all the disparate little bits that are or may be, separate meshes into single meshes that correspond to the actual design part…


Okay, thanks. But what’s the way forward.How do I make the file workable. I can barely orbit(5 mins at least) for one turn. I need to run some grasshopper scripts on this and its already misbehaving.

Ill upload the file in a bit. in a lower version of sketchup.

I have uploaded the original file and the reduced file , all in an earlier version of sketchup

Hello - thanks, I am taking a look.


Hello Pascal,
Please , how far with it?