Sketchup converter keeps crashing

I frequently use rhino to open sketchup models, fix them and export the stl for 3d printing. this has proven to be the best way to edit the sketchup model using the nurbs rather than simply exporting the 3ds or stl from sketchup.

however, lately the sketchup converter has been crashing on me as of the latest build update.

I am working with some pretty big sketchup models in the neighborhood of 100+ MB. these are architectural models. I understand that breaking the file up, etc. might make this possible, however, this a very time consuming process. I have been very successful in exporting these file up until the most recent build and was wondering if there were some changes made to the sketchup converter or a bug?

Hi Jeremy- let me check, for now, I’ll go out on a limb - I think all that conversion happens in 32 bits, because SU does not (or did not) have a 64 bit SDK. So a large file could run it out of memory much more easily. Did large files like this work previously, or is this a change, converting large files?


I have been working on some pretty large files previously. I would have to go back and check the file size on some of them.

Your point about the 32bit vs the 64bit is a good point which I had not considered since I am running the 64bit version of rhino 5.

I am able to get smaller files at around 87 MB to open. So it seems that the threshold is in the neighborhood of the 100 MB mark.

@tim , am I correct that opening Sketchup files in 64 bit still uses a 32 bit Rhino to do the work behind the scenes? Do you think that might be the problem here?