Rhino 3d to SketchUp

Can you please help me, I have this project that I need to finish till tomorrow…?
When I try to export the rhino 3d drawing to SketchUp to render it, it says that my skp converter file doesn’t exist… I downloaded the thing from Rhino site and put it into folder SketchUp inside Rhino program folder and when I try to export it again it says that initialization of the skp converter failed… Do you have any clue what’s causing that crashing of skp converter?

Thanks in advanced…

In Windows, do Properties on the plugin and make sure it isn’t blocked. If it is there should be an unblock button at the bottom of the main properties tab. Then install the plugin by dragging and dropping into an open Rhino window.

Rendering in SketchUp!

This seems like an unnecessarily difficult work-flow. What look are you trying to achieve?

I can think of several reasons why someone could be interested in going from Rhino to Sketchup:

  • Sketchp is the main 3D tool in the office and you need a complex model that you can not build in SU, so you use Rhino and then move it back in SU;
  • Rhino is your 3D tool but someone else uses Sketchup and you need to send your model to him/her;
  • You need to achieve that “Sketchup look” that you can’t get in other software;
  • Your rendering engine is available only for SU and not for Rhino…

Ciao, Gio

what version of Rhino are you using?
My v5 has the exporter built in, I didn’t have to download and install anything.
Maybe you could try with a fresh install of Rhino?

Ciao, Gio

I can’t find the plugin folder James mentioned… Instead of exporting skp, I exported 3ds and then imported it in SU… I had a bunch of polygons, but nvm, I managed somehow…
Anyways, I have tried reinstalling Rhino, and Avast informed me that skp exporter was a threat, so I entered the Avast virus base and called it a false alarm… After trying to export the file, I got the msg that skp converter wasn’t found… Then I downloaded this converter from Rhino site, put it into plugins folder in Rhino folder under programs and once again it decided not to work… I am using Rhino 5 64-bit version… It hasn’t been validated though… I am a noob when it comes to installing things, so I might have done something wrong…

Regarding ATH’s question: I am new at Rhino - I got the subject on faculty that teaches us how to use different programs for architectural and urban presentation, so, since the presentation of the topic had a free form and we only had to draw the basic model in Rhino, I decided to draw 3D in it and then to render it in sketchup with v-ray and to draw technical drawings in AutoCad, because I am quite good at using those and I didn’t have that much time to bother with tutorials on how to do all the work in R5 :slight_smile: