Site Locations returning <empty>

Hi, using the latest daily build (1 Aug 2021) I’ve noticed that the ‘Site Location’ component is returning an ‘empty’. I’ve only just noticed this component as previously I was using the user object. But what is strange is that ‘empty’ doesn’t seem to be empty. I can’t clean it or filter it out. Any idea what is causing this and how it can be resolved?

There is also an issue with Site Location Identity. When the component is first placed on the canvas the lat/long return values in degrees. However, upon restarting Revit and RIR, the values which to radians. Both are ‘new’ components from the latest RIR version.

Paul, The typical way to clean the requires either using list length component (or in an expression) to get an actual null.

I was able to replicate this.

The first time the component is placed it returns expected Lat Long, but if the file is saved the units get changed. Placing a new component will return Lat Long once again.

@Japhy So I was able to remove the empty values. But I guess the point is that it should be returning any empty values. There is only one site location so there must be a bug in the component.

Regarding the site location identity bug, have you raised a GitHub issue as this needs to be fixed?

@parametricmonkey1 I’m wondering if it was picking up an open family? Hard to tell context of why you are getting empty values, i haven’t been able to repeat that.

Your Site Locations Component looks old.

I did raise a bug on GitHub, and should be a quick fix.

No other file open and the file was a non-work shared file. It should only have one location.

The component is the latest. I just removed one of the dynamic inputs.

There were some problems while converting those elements to text and were displayed as ‘empty’.
The problem with the ‘Site Location Identity’ and lat-long units is fixed now.

‘Query Site Locations’ and ‘Query Shared Sites’ are returning all locations and sites in the document, internal ones, related to project coord system, too.
I think we should provide a way to filter out those project related location and site elements.

The current Location and Site are returned from ‘Project Location’ component.

I found this article that may help to explain the confusion here.
The Building Coder: Finding the Right Project Location

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Thanks @kike. Does this now mean it is in the daily build? Or hasn’t it been pushed yet?