Revit location: degrees or radians?

I seem to get inconsistent latitude and longitude output from the Site Location Identity component: sometimes it is in degrees, and sometimes it is in radians. In the screenshot here, the lower group (radians) is simply a copy and paste of the top set of components (degrees); nothing else was changed.

Observed behavior: So far, it seems that placing a new Site Location Identity component consistently gives me the location in degrees, but any copy/paste of the component gives me radians. Detaching/attaching the location input or recomputing the script does not alter this behavior: originally placed components are still in degrees, copied components are still in radians. This behavior is not affected by the removal of the other component inputs here (still occurs with the unmodified component).

This is with Revit 2021 using the basic Revit sample project. The Rhino version is 7.2.21012.11001 and the Rhino.Inside version is 0.0.7685.15573.

EDIT: All Site Location Identity components appear to use radians when loaded from a saved GH script, even if they used degrees when saved. A bug report has been opened here. (12.9 KB)