Cannot replace nulls on Values read from Revit Element


I’m trying to read Mark values from a Revit file and write the value to a Rhino Key:Value pair (using Elefront).

Not all the Revit Elements that I’m reading have a Mark assigned so my list is coming up with s.

It’s looking like these aren’t good old fashioned nulls but a nasty cousin.

Am I not able to use Replace Nulls because these are autodesk.spec.strings? I tried a few other work arounds (Replace Text, Replace Members, etc.) but none seem to work.

Any ideas how this could be resolved?


Right-click on the output parameter and actiavte Cull Nulls :smiley:


Ah! Interesting. Cull Nulls is available by right clicking on the output of several other components, but not the Get Element Parameter node. Also, I would prefer to keep the tree structure and so my first choice would be to Replace Nulls.

Do I need to go back to the Revit file and enter in a dummy value (non-null) in the Mark field for all Elements in this list?


Here are a couple solutions. i typically use the list length to create actual nulls, which should work in this case.

@Rickson @eirannejad

Thanks! I looked through those topics and modified a short expression that did the trick.