Single object, single surface model

Ok, I’ve been slowly modelling this new design, it has tested my average 3d skills for sure ! I’ve tried 3 different approaches as follows,
1- creating outline curves from my sketches and attempting to surface model it all (it all got messy and confusing)
2- I created an ellipsoid and tried cage editing, pulling control points etc, (ended up looking horrible)
3- i created an ellipsoid again, and did some preliminary pulling of control points, I then extracted some of the iso curves which I then edited further to look like the profiles I need, I then did a network surface command and its kind of getting there, it’s not 100% but its ok, still more tweaks to do.

So my question is to some of you more advanced modellers out there, what would be your approach to this ? What commands and workflow would work best ? tia, cheers, Miles

Hi MIles - I think a rebuilt sphere or ellipsoid is a reasonable starting point for a shape like this if you want to make it a single-surface exercise - here are some tools and things I’d think about if I were going to do this:


Basically, keep it as simple as you can for as long as you can - use InsertKnot sparingly as needed to get more local control as you need it. Where possible, use the MidPoints setting in InsertKnot to keep the spacing reasonably uniform - the editing will behave better on a uniform surface. MakeUniform will smooth things out in some cases but will change the shape some…


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Hi Pascal, thanks for the input, yes I’d completely forgotten about MoveUVN, I’m sure that will help a little more. I’m not at all familiar with using insert/remove knot command, I shall look into this, cheers, Miles