Simplify and clean Objects

Hi there people, there was something bothering me for a while now concerning a project i was working on a while ago. I was modeling an object made of several different surfaces which were all made in different techniques ( planar curves, 2,3,4 Border Curves, Network of curves) Anyhow i managed to do something to it, that made the whole object one single,clean surface. I hope this describes what i mean. I can’t for the sake of it, refigure how i did it. Maybe there is some Rhino guru out there who has a clue because this was very helpful in the process of finishing the project. I upped some before and after images so maybe you can better understand what i mean.

I’m happy for any reply.



Sample file would be great… with reference image…

I’m afraid the pictures are all i can provide at this point as the original files are on a university machine which i have no access to anymore

I think all you did is maybe join any individual surfaces into one or more polysurfaces using Join (hard to tell if they are closed or not); and then turned off the isocurves, making the display less “busy” and cleaner by not showing anything but the surface edges…


I’m pretty sure this was not the case. But i can’t remember everything as it’s been a while…I remember using the analyze tools for open surfaces prior to “unifying” the whole thing. But if no one else has a clue it will remain a mystery :frowning: I’m not that much of an expert in Rhino, therefore i was hoping to find someone here who might have an idea. I will try again to get the file back though. Maybe it will help.