Texture/Material on 3DS-imports

Hello community, I am using rhino for just a few weeks and for my project I want to use some chairs and tables to fill my room. I found a few MAX downloads and then I converted them to 3ds. Now I want to import them and everything is okay but the importet things are all just white and if I try to change colour or texture there is no change at all…
Would be great if any one has a solution.

Kind Regards.

The imports should be mesh objects (if they came from Max). I don’t know if they had textures attached that came through the import process or not…

Select one of the objects and go into the Properties panel. In the first tab (the one with the rainbow circle) there are general properties, among them the object color. The object color will either be by layer or by object, if it is by object, you can change the display color there in the panel. This is only valid for Shaded display mode.

For Rendered display mode, you need to have a material assigned to the object if you want color/texture to show up. Go into the second panel and see if the object has a color already assigned to it - you can change that there. You will also be able to apply/change the texture as well as all the other render material parameters in this tab. These colors/textures will only show up in Rendered display mode or when you actually render the object.

HTH, --Mitch

Okay, first thank you, but I did not manage it yet.

I klick on one of my objects I want to give a colour/texture. So the rainbow-circle opens and in the properties-window it asks me to choose between layer or object and sth else superior. So now I choose ‘object’ and I can klick on several materials or add a new one. Then I can change the color in the basic settings. I also see the changings in the little picture of the material but it does not change the object in my room. This is the problem I have.
Changing material of objects I built on my own is no problem. Just imported files do not work that way.

Odd. Do you have one object that behaves like this that you can post here?


TV.dwg (195.5 KB)

This is my TV as a DWG file, don’t know if it’s okay, but I can not uplod my 3ds file.

OK, that’s just curves for some reason, but I see one thing - the object is a block instance… That’s probably the problem with the other ones. Block instances are strange objects that do not obey the same rules as normal objects as concerns colors and materials…

What you might try to do is select one of your objects and look in Properties. If it’s says “Block instance”, try exploding it. It may become a number of individual objects. On one of those, see if you can now change the material/color. If so, that’s the solution. You can group the multiple objects back together after having assigned materials.

Beware, there might be “nested” blocks, that is blocks inside of blocks, so you might have to do more stages of explode to get to the original objects. But once it says the object is a mesh, stop. You don’t want to explode your mesh object.

Let me know if this helps, --Mitch

Thanks, that helped!