Display texture Really Bad

For some reason I have problems with the texture.
I have created a 3d model in other software with the texture applied to it. when I import the FBX file with the texture inside Rhino. It display really bad. I dont understand why.

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it looks like what I see in the rhino file its the vertex color and not the texture itself. I dont know how to change that or make the texture display. any help?

Hello - that does look like vertex colors - are there materials and textures associated with this file?


Thanks Pascal for your answer. Yes. There is one texture applied to the object. The mesh its exported from Agisoft with the texture. and once I import the mesh to rhino I even try applying the texture again with a different name. but no luck it still displays the vertex color. looks like.

Hello - try RebuildMesh - does that clear the vertex colors and allow your materials to be applied?


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Here you can see the properties and the texture appalied to the mesh

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It clears the vertex color. but I think that it loses the uv mapping because the texture keep being appalied to the mesh but it displays has 1 single color. all green. when I take the texture of it displays white (the layer color) but I cant make the texture display. its so weird. Any more ideas why this could be?