Single-click maximize


Rhino prefs / View / Single-click maximize doesn’t work.


Rhino 6 for Mac WIP build 6.13.19008.12056

… meaning that I still have to double-click even if “Single-click maximize” is checked.



same here, was just coming on to report too


Yeah… and we had the exact same problem with V5 in the beginning…



Is this on the radar? @dan, @marlin


(John Brock) #6





Any news on this subject?


(John Brock) #9

The developer changed the status to Open meaning it is on his to do list.


Great! Thanks!



Next WIP…? :wink: @dan
I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable in V6 due to this missing feature…



Would it be possible to get this fixed anytime soon? It’s still “open.” I know it doesn’t seem very important - but it is to me…
@marlin, @dan


(John Brock) #13

Sorry, I don’t set priorities. That’s up to the developers and how big their “fires” are.


Yeah, I know. I just wanted to give the developers a friendly reminder :wink:



One more reminder…


(Dan Belcher) #16

Hey @Philip-

I fixed this a couple days ago. It ought to go out in tomorrow’s RhinoWIP (unless there are Stop-Ship items preventing this).

I was just wondering if you were aware that you can star :star: issues - like RH-48184 - on YouTrack and get email notifications when those items change state (or get resolved). This might have been handy in this case, as you would have seen RH-48184 change from Open (where it’s been for awhile), to Next Up (where I had it last week), In Progress (when I was working on it) and then Needs TestingClosed (resolved).


No, I hadn’t noticed… Thanks, I’ll try to remember that.
This last reminder was unnecessary then, sorry. Thanks for the fix :+1:


(Dan Belcher) #18

No problem. Hopefully we will publish that fix today.

(Dan Belcher) #19

Single-click away :wink: