Since when am i forced to select a subtag for gallery?

i just tried posting some experimental stuff and dont feel the need to put it into a drawer.
can we not post stuff into the general gallery anymore?

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so, can we have a general non additional tag for the gallery back? or what is the sense of this trying to figure out where best a render could fit?

not quite understanding that… can anybody fill in?

this for example where would i put that into? maybe landscape design? no come on… even if grasshopper was involved, maybe i dont want to reveal how i made it or i made it in rhino only? since i often do stuff that has no definition.

or this one… maybe into aircraft design?

can we please just have the general gallery back?

I am not aware of any changes to gallery posting policy.

As far as I know you can still directly post to Gallery without having to choose say Grasshopper

edit: just tried with a regular user account. Something indeed has changed, I don’t know yet what.

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thanks Nathan for checking, yes i would plead of having it back why ever it was changed.

edit: it seems you have changed it already, thanks!

I did not much besides bringing it to the attention of a being with the adequate power.

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