Bongo & Flamingo NxT

Hi all,
are new to the forum, I would like to know if it is possible to change the material from one frame to another using the materials of Flamingo?
For example, if the zero frame of my animation I have a clear plastic blue color to frame 10 I would like to see a gradual change until you get the color red.
I do not know if I explained well.



Bongo 2 can animate the material properties in Rhino 5, so if the renderer supports this feature (the RDK in Rhino 5), Bongo will be able to animate the material properties. Unfortunately at the moment Flamingo nXt doesn’t support it.

Thanks Marika…

I just noticed, I forgot to mention: Even though you can’t animate Flamingo Materials. Flamingo nXt supports Rhino Basic Materials, so if you make a Basic Material in Rhino 5 and animate it, Flamingo nXt should be able to render the animated material.

First of all thank you for your answer …
I think I understand what you mean, but I’m not sure you’re right because making a fast proof of what you say, it did not seem to work well. However, given my lack of experience with animations bongo something I might be wrong.
It would be interesting if someone who follows this topic and propose them had any suggestions. :wink:

To recap: you say that a material property of rhino, because it has the ability to be animated, such as color change between one frame and the next, this can be rendered with bongo selecting as the rendering engine flamingo nxt? Right? I got it right? And as a result during the animation I will I notice that the material actually changes color etc.
I can confirm that I have understood what you mean?
Anyway thanks your valuable information …

I just tested to render the following model,ColorChange.3dm (172.7 KB) using Flamingo nXt and it worked just fine.
The box has been assigned a Rhino Basic Material, that I then animated to change color.
In order to be able to add and animate a Rhino Material you need to make the Rhino Renderer the default renderer in Rhino, otherwise the Material Editor won’t show up.
You can find instructions on how to animate Rhino Materials here:

Thank you,
the tutorial I had seen and put into practice, the rhino render I had already activated and assigned to the object I had a base material of rhino. So far everything is ok.
Through the following path: Bongo - Render Animation, I activated as the rendering engine Flamingo Nxt.
When it finishes the rendering of the animation during the video, the change of color of the material is not homogeneous and clean but it is as if between one frame and the other the material of the object changes, it looks dirty. As soon as I post a video to make you understand better.
Up to here thank you very much for your time and kindness.