Simulate piles (foundation)


I am a beginner grasshopper/karamba user and I would to simulate piles (elastic stiffness along pile according to ground).
I tested the component “Cross section - spring” but it seems to be the wrong way.

Do you have any ideas about it ?

Thank you for your answers,


Maybe this will help you: Adding spring supports - Grasshopper


Thank you for your support.

I saw it but i am not sure it could be use on my case study (see attachement):

I already tried to :

  • do same think like previsous example but results forces along piles are not realistic
  • add “cross section-spring” combined to [0-section + concrete material] but no results

Do you have any ideas to add stiffness along piles properly ?

Thank you for your help !

Hi @louis.molinet,
at the moment (Karamba3D 1.3.3) you have to do a workaround:

  • divide the pile into segments.
  • attach springs to each of the resulting nodes. Their stiffness needs to be equivalent to the distributed stiffness of half of the two segments it connects to
  • add a full support at the other end of the springs.
    – Clemens