Varying the material Properties (young's modulus)

Hi everyone,

I’m currently doing some work on the “form-finding” field. I’m still in the beginning so for now I’m just doing simples task and trying to explore some plugins in grasshopper that can be helpful.
I did a simple shell structure where I applied a gravitational load and analyzed the results (aka deformation) (see picture below). I saw that in karamba plugin there is an option that allows the user to set an orthotropic behavior to the material (see the second picture below).

I’m just wondering if that is a way (using this plugin or others), that allows me to model an element (shell or other) with youngs modulus varying at every point (like increasing from a side to another). If not, do you guys have any suggestions on how I could model something like this? Even with a python script or something like that.

I really appreciate the help,

Gustavo Silva

Hi Gustavo,
if you define separate ids for the elements, then you can identify different cross sections and materials for those elements. You can refer to Buckling Simulation for 3D Printing in Fresh Concrete – Karamba3D
best, Matthew

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Hi @matttam,
Thanks for the help. So if I understood correctly, a solution could be to divide the primary mesh into different mesh elements and then assign a cross-section and materials to those elements, right?

Thanks again,
Gustavo Silva

Hi @gustacsilva, yes that is correct.

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