Copy of a grasshopper program

Hi everyone,

I made a program that calculates the stiffness of a floor using Karamba3D.
Now I want to create another program that duplicates the floor calculation program in order to visualize the results in the case of several floors.
Do you have any ideas on how to do this?

Thank you so much,

Hi Samae, can you share some images or scripts of what you currently have created and what you aim to create so that we can assist you.

Thanks for your reply
I share with you attached my script
Calcul_Plancher_Karamba - (66.7 KB)

Thanks for sharing the script. Well to setup your script for multiple levels, you need to first set up the geometry (i assume parametrically in grasshopper). You need to make sure your columns are connected to your floorslabs - a good resource is this tutorial Unable to give exact value in Model View component - #4 by matttam

But how can I make multiple iterations of this script so as to calculate the stiffness of multiple floors without having to restart the program each time?

if you set it up so that all floors are calculated in one model you do not need to restart the program each time.