Grasshopper Karamba for woven shell structure


This is my first question here.

I have a woven shell structure generated from Ivy, it’s kind of like Marc Fornes’ designs.

Is there a way to analyse this kind of structure using Karamba? So far I can only think of analysing original mesh as a whole shell. I don’t know how to translate this kind of structure into Karamba. Is it possible or is it beyond what Karamba can do?

Thank you very much.

woven shell (223.2 KB)

This is quite hard to model in Karamba (and in any FEA software really).

But I don’t think is impossible, however if the shell is made of a material with poor flexural stiffness you will need some kind of non-linear solver to accomplish good results.

However as I see your material looks some kind of rigid plastic, so the way to model this is to generate separated green and pink meshes (taking second figure as an example) slightly distance one from another and generate small rigid springs connecting them at the bolt points, with no torsional stiffness.