Simply Importing Dimension Styles from ACAD: Too Good to be True?

I’ve noticed that AutoCAD dimension styles seem to import into Rhino quite seamlessly. Is there any advantage to doing up my own dimensions styles within Rhino itself? I can do it extremely easily in AutoCAD and simply just import them after. If this would-be marriage seems like a mismatch, please speak now or forever hold your peace :wink:

Hi Keith -

I don’t have AutoCAD…
I suppose that, as long as you aren’t seeing any issues, doing whatever works is fine, no?
Are you importing dwg files from AutoCAD and then creating a new annotation style from selected annotations in Rhino? I imagine there might be attributes in AutoCAD that don’t exist in Rhino but those would simply not show in Rhino and wouldn’t affect the annotation style…

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So far so good… But we’ll see. I’m amazed at how well they import.

I’m still feeling the software out so I haven’t had a chance to really annotate or document anything yet. Still using AutoCAD. I already prefer how the dimensions behave in Rhino compared to AutoCAD (which says a lot as I’ve been using AutoCAD over 10 years).