Import dimension styles from autocad into rhino

Hello, I cannot find an efficient way to import a dimension style from autocad into rhino. If I import the dwg file containing my drawing with the dimensions, their style doesn’t come out correctly. I tried to create a new style from scratch in rhino with bespoke arrows as blocks that I designed to look like what I wanted, but even this dimension style is not replicated correctly between other files. Since .dim files don’t seem to be imported straight from autocad into rhino, is there another way to do this? Many thanks.

There are a lot of similarities between Acad and Rhino dimstyles, but not complete compatibility in every detail.
If you can post a simple dwg file with one dimension and one dimstyle that doesn’t work right, I’ll be happy to take a look.

Hello Lowell,

thank you for your reply. I have attached the dwg with only one dimension of the prefered style and a screenshot of how the arrowheads should look like.

MKA dimension.dwg (77.4 KB)


Thanks for the file.
I see 2 problems with reading it in Rhino - The arrow and the annotative scale.
By making 2 changes in the dimstyle as it comes in, I can get the right picture, so I think there’s some hope that I can get it to work better.

  1. Changing the Arrows to User block. The block, _Origin, is already in the file as it comes in, but not referenced by the dimstyle. In this case, with only one block in the file, as soon as you click the control to select User block, that block gets assigned. In a real file with more blocks, you would have to select the right one.
    Hopefully I can get that assigned right when the file is read.

  2. The dimscale - In Acad, the dimension has Annotative scale. Rhino doesn’t have a concept like that. To work around it, I changed the Modelspace scale to 0.125
    I’m less confident about being able to get that right all the time because it’s a per viewport thing in Acad, I think, with no direct equivalent in Rhino.

MKA Dimension

At least that might make it easier for you to make your dims look better with minor adjustments until the reading gets better on our side.

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Hello Lowell,

thank you again for your reply, I appreciate your help. Never thought of trying the “user arrow…” option as it seemed like it would try to browse for something externally. This was my main issue here.