Set Default Dimensions?

Every time I open a new file like dxf etc. Rhino would come up not with my default dimensions settings but with a STANDARD setting which is always set to Arial.

It’s also not possible to override dimensions style on all current dimensions by importing settings.
You would have to start from scratch.
Thanks a lot with any ideas on this.


Nobody has an idea on this since days :frowning: — thought this is some standard issue in Rhino… Pls help!

Well, if the dxf has been assigned a style “Standard” - which I don’t believe is native to Rhino, I think that’s AutoCAD or something - before exporting, when you import it, I’m pretty sure it brings the specified dimension style with it…


Mitch is right.
“Standard” is the named dimension style in the AutoCAD file.
Rhino is importing the existing style and matching settings as closely as it can.
AFter it is imported, you can easily select the dimensions and change them all to what ever existing named style you want.

Thank you guys, this def makes sense! H