Simplify Polycurve


When a degree 1 polyline becomes a degree 2 polycurve with a simple fillet radius, for example.

Is there a command to further simplify the resulting polycurve into true lines and arcs joined?

V5 to V6 annotation compatibility

One single joined NURBS curve cannot have different degrees for different sections. The whole curve has to have the same degree, and since the arc is degree 2, the line segments get that as well… NURBS curve segments must have a minimum of degree+1 control points, which is why the line segments get an extra point in the middle… It’s inconvenient…

One thing that could be done I guess would be to invent a different class of polycurve that could be composed only of lines and arcs, and not have them obey NURBS rules… Don’t know what’s possible there.



@stevebaer @dale As a V6 wish, is it possible to create a new class of polycurve as Mitch has suggested?

The third curve in the screenshot has had the arc split away from polycurve and the result is a degree 1 polyline and a true arc by default. This is more useful than exploding, especially with complex shapes and works as a work around.

Does anyone have a script which will either explode a polycurve and rejoin true line segments only, or split degree 2 curves within a polycurve at their end points, or any other suggestions?

(Steve Baer) #5

Doesn’t seem like a new curve class would really solve this. Seems like the grips should be smarter in cases like this.


Maybe if sub curves were recognised as being linear, during an operation like join or make2d for example, the mid control point could be omitted?