Multiple degree in one Polyline?

So here’s my problem:

  1. there are two polylines. The first with degree 1 (red) and the second with degree 2 (cyan)
  2. after ‘join’ command the closed polyline become degree 2

Here’s the question:

Is there a way to join two polylines with different degrees and create a new polyline with initial information of degrees between segments?

In my opinion it keeps 3d model cleaner.

Here are some screenshots of my case:

This has been asked for a few times IIRC… Joined NURBS curves can’t have different degree segments, so the degree of the whole curve (all of its segments) is raised to that of the highest segment being joined. There has been some discussion in the past of how to work around this, such as a “pseudo-joining” that actually keeps the segments separate but is transparent to the user… Don’t know where we are with that, but I assume it’s not really high on the priority list…


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Thanks Mitch,

Your comment made it clear enough.
I’m closing the thread.