Convert polycurve segments to single curve

Valid curve.
Open polycurve with 5 curve segments.

There are times where I explode multiple items, but dont want some “parts” of these “joined” items to explode. Is it possible to change polycurves to a single valid curve?

I’ve tried variations of Match, SimplifyCrv and Convert without luck. If I draw a control point curve, it comes back as a NURBS that wont explode (which is good).

I’ve seen a few possible solutions, but they seem very convoluted (using Rebuild, Convert and Simplify with specific options set).

Hello - if the curve segments are G2 to one another, then selecting a control point and nudging it over and back again should make a single Nurbs curve. (and SimplifyCrv) should polycurveize it again)


Definitely not G2. These are parts of fillet edges.

Sounds like this type of drawing can’t be combined unless I rebuild with a bunch of control points around the fillets, right?