Filleting adds a degree to all curves in a polyline

If I fillet (with a radius) a (planar) polyline of straight lines in “arc” mode, all of its segments - including those not involved in the fillet - go up a degree and can no longer be edited as straight lines by manipulating their end points. Is there a particular advantage to this? I thought arc type was just for extending lines which are already arcs to conform their preexisting curvature.

that’s because you can’t have joined curves with different degree. if you explode them you will have the fillets with degree 2 and the lines with degree 1 if you for example use Blendcrv and join all of them. you will have degree 3 everywhere.

So how to create an editable closed shape which maintains straight edges where I want them, and arcs only where I want them? Surely there’s a straightforward method for that?

To answer my own question, it appears that the lines have to be grouped rather than joined, I guess.

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I just made a “rounded” rectangle.
It’s Joined and Closed.
It includes degree 1 lines, and degree 2 arcs.
If I drag points around, Explode, and Join, I still have degree 1 and 2 segments in the polyline.

I will need a more complete description and maybe a simple exported example polycurve to have a chance of understanding this.

Hi all - This is different in V7 from how it’s been… forever. In versions prior to V7, all sub-curves in a polycurve take on the highest degree from among the segments.



Can you do the same with fillets, John? I wish I could.