Simple Shatter Problem Along Curve

Hello Enthusiasts and Experts,

I am brand, brand new at Grasshopper and have been trying to accomplish what I think to be a very simple task but have not been able to do a simple split along a rectangle at specified points.

The below is what I eventually want to accomplish, to create three figures or groups of geometry that are able to change according to parameters x and y through simple inputs of integers or floats and retain their proportions/relationships.

I’ve so far managed to get as far as drawing the first figure, then taking that data and building out the foundations for the second, finding the intersection points, and overlaying everything:

but when I go to shatter it won’t accept the Params (here: a set of points) and will not split at the points.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, and it feels like such a rudimentary ask. I’ve uploaded both the Rhino file and Grasshopper file. I appreciate your help so much! (34.6 KB) CanopyDrawingExample.3dm (169.0 KB)

its looking for parameter of the point on curve

I advise you to do it differently.
create a grid and use the useful points or axes. (26.5 KB)

Thanks so much for offering a different way to tackle the problem - thank you. I’m realizing the ways I’m still thinking about how to solve it with Rhino and have many opportunities to learn how to think of the same solutions but in Grasshopper.