Splitting curves at angles

I’m trying to split some curves that were created by exploding text into curves, in such a way that there are only segments where an angle is present.

Here are where I would like the breaks to happen:

Using Divide Curves gives me a few more breaks than I want if I set Kinks = True, but that’s probably because sections of the curves are not perfectly tangent, and there is no tolerance setting.

Next, I need to divide the curves at those points, so I am using Shatter but I am not getting the results I think I should get. I think I should get a curve connecting each of the green points above, but sometimes I don’t get a break when I think I should, for example the peak of the A does not get split into two diagonal lines: Why is Shatter not breaking the curves at the points that are being provided by Divide Curves?

Explode works better

It produces the same points to break, but it actually breaks the curves at those points:

But how can I make something that just breaks the curves at just the angles? I want the J and the S to just come out as the original curve.

In Rhino, if I explode the curves, then _SelChain with G1 Continuity and then join them back together, I get what I am after. Is there a way I could do that in Grasshopper?

Or is there a better way to just break the curves using the same method _SelChain uses to determine tangency with an AngleTolerance?

split curves.gh (13.1 KB)

split curves_2023Jan14a.gh (14.6 KB)

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@Joseph_Oster Thank you!! I like the color-coded outputs, that’s a nice feature to learn about as well.

I believe there is a data matching error. Standby…


What IS this?

I see I can double click it and edit it… so it’s like a collection of pre-connected grasshopper components.
That’s really cool, how could I make my own collections like that?

It’s a cluster, you can easily make your own.

I see how they work, just select stuff and right click to make a cluster… cool! that will help with organization considerably.

I guess it’s correct after all.

split curves_2023Jan14b.gh (18.2 KB)

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Thanks for double checking it, and also for showing me yet another cool way to visualize what’s going on.

I like to see what’s going on! See this post for more visualization tools I use all the time:

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